R+M Ressourcen + Management GmbH
  R + M - Ressourcen + Management GmbH Wer sich mit der Natur verträgt, dem tut sie nichts. - Henry Miller (1891-1980)  



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About us

We offer you advice on the best way of collection, treatment and disposal of waste. We also design facilities for recycling and for the utilisation of materials and substances and for the energy contained in waste.

Other core competences include redevelopment management and the strategic reorientation of businesses and groups.

Our work has encompassed all management areas, from project planning and implementation to a responsible corporate management and future-oriented research and development.

Our experiences gained in leading management positions in private and public enterprises and organisations enable us to offer tailer-made solutions to all our customers, be they representatives of the commercial and industrial sector or of a region or a smaller community.

In our work we have had to rise to a variety of challenges, in matters of process engineering and construction, business administration and day-to-day organisation. As a result our team boasts years of experiences in practically all fields of waste and project management and in business operation.